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Types of landscape lighting systems

Our landscape lighting is separated into three main categories: low voltage (12 VAC), smart lighting (24 VDC), and line voltage (120 V). Compare them all and find the system that works best for you.

Low voltage

Smart lighting

Line voltage

Line voltage

Lighting techniques

When designing a garden, it’s important to consider different landscape lighting techniques to create a stunning atmosphere.


Position your lights upward so that the light shines up an exterior wall or up one of your landscape or hardscape elements.


Place your lights up high — in a tree or on the roof. The light will shine down, adding brilliant shadows to your space.


Adding light behind an object, typically a tree or statue, creates a dramatic two-dimensional representation of the outline of the object.


Highlight stone features, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, steps, handrails, benches and more.

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