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Browse some of our most frequently asked questions on our Smart home collection below.

If an inquiry cannot be solved, our Customer Experience Team will make every effort to solve any problem or question over the phone, or through email. 

Smart home collection

The maximum number of devices per installation is determined by the network equipment. Aspects such as the internet speed, grade of wireless router, distance to the router as well as other devices connected to the network can all influence the maximum amount of lighting devices to be added to the network. Generally, we propose to limit the number of DALS devices connected to a router, or to a wifi access point, to approximately 20 devices. This number can vary greatly depending on the network conditions as stated above. We recommend starting with a base of 20 or less units and building from there depending on the network’s capacity. It is also important to follow the installation guides.

First, you need to download the free “Dals Connect” app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Click below on the guide that corresponds to your type of phone (IOS or Android). You will find step by step instructions to connect your lights to your WiFi network.


You can use our DALS Connect products along with standard on/off switches, however be aware that you will not be able to connect or control your products when your switch is at the off position. The DALS Connect products should not be used with a dimmer as this may cause the product to malfunction. There is actually no need to use a dimmer switch with our DALS Connect products. You can conveniently dim, change the color and turn your lights on and off through the DALS App on your smartphone or tablet.

While many of our DALS Connect products are approved for wet locations, we currently discourage users from installing products outside due to connectivity issues. This is often caused because of the distance to the router as well as the thickness of exterior walls. The metal in soffits can also cause interference.

Our DALS Connect products connect via 2.4 GHz band b/g/n as it covers a substantially larger range than 5 GHz networks. 5 GHz is not supported. It is important to have a dedicated 2.4 ghz channel for your products, as many new routers now automatically oscillate between 2.4ghz and 5ghz. Contact your wireless router manufacturer for more details on a dedicated 2.4ghz channel. 

To factory reset your product back into pairing mode, simply turn your switch off/on 3 times slowly to reset the smart light. The smart light will blink to confirm that it went back to the default parameters.

Yes. “GROUPING” your lights can be made on many tiers within your home. For example, you can create a group for a single room, a group of rooms on the same floor, or a group of all the light fixtures in your home.

No, our smart lights are WiFi, so no hub is needed, simply connect the lights to your home’s WiFi and enjoy (“Plug & Play”).

Our smart lights connect via 2.4 GHz band b/g/n as it covers a substantially larger range than 5 GHz networks. 5 GHz is not supported. However, once the light is connected to your router, you can use the 2.4 GHz network or the 5 GHz network to control it.

There is not a fixed limit on the number of smart lights that can be connected. However, connection limitations are based on the capacity of your WIFI router.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the latest version of the free DALS RGBW app.

For iPad users, download the iPhone version of the app.

The DALS app allows any member of the household to use their mobile device to control the smart lights. Simply connect the lights to your home’s WiFi, then use the app to control them.

Yes. Simply sign in to your account then add your smart lights that you would like to control remotely.

Yes! From the color wheel please choose the alarm icon and select sunrise timer/sunset timer. From here you can set the color desired, the starting brightness, as well as the ending brightness and duration. You can also set a repeat cycle if you desire.

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